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Hello World!

OK, So what is this, exactly?

MisDisMal-Information (read as mis-dismal) aims to track information disorder mainly from an Indian perspective. It will also look at some interesting global campaigns and new research. There is no shortage of... er... information, so there will be plenty to write about.

I've said before that Information Disorder is the malaise of our times. That has been made even more apparent with all information entrepreneurship we're witnessing related to COVID-19. At least, no one is wondering whether fact-checking is relevant any more.

Information disorder is as much as a demand-side problem as a supply-side problem. We need to address both parts.

What this is not?

A fact-check newsletter. This is solo effort, and there are organisations like Altnews, Boomlive who already do some great work. Support them, please. 

I will probably include some fact-checks that seemed important to me.

The other name I had in mind was TWIDL (This Week's Information Disorder Letter). It was probably more apt, because many of us twiddle our thumbs when we see information disorder propagating before our very eyes, but I settled on MisDisMal-Information because I get to say dismal (read as 2020). 

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